Boardwalk Babes

Kids carry so much magic around with them. If I knew the exact point in time when my innocence and wonder were stolen from me, I’d do everything in my power to track down the thief.

I have two pint-sized siblings and every now and then, I am graced with their spunk. They have no reservations when it comes to showing their happiness, which makes me respect them more than some adults.

A long time ago, the boardwalk made my eyes twinkle. I can remember standing in the middle of its long planked boards and feeling like I was inside of a kaleidoscope. All of the lights and colors swirled around me and everything felt so large in comparison to my size.

I can’t regain this feeling but I was able to capture it through the eyes of my two little amigos. They are too young to realize how much spirit they have, I just hope that as they age, they can fend off all the thieves out to steal their spark.












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