NYC you’re pretty cool you know.

I rang in the big 2-1 yesterday, so I went to New York to celebrate. We took the train from Philly to Penn Station, and then the subway to Union Square–where I had my first drink . So swanky, I know. It was a fruity number with crushed strawberries.

From there we walked for a bit and ended up in Soho. I’ve never been to the Manhattan area so it was really a cool way to spend my big day.

Here are some pictures:






I know you must be wondering, if there were any celebrity sightings…am I right? Well if that was your next question,you should be delighted because there was…one. Miss Dianne Wiest, the mom from Edward Scissorhands.


Well, a much older version of the woman pictured but her nonetheless. I know it would have been so much cooler to see, well anyone else but I’ll take what I can get. Until next time, Sarah Jessica Parker.


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