A Personal Mission

I purposefully arrange my Instagram account to make it appear as though I am a total free-spirit. The frequent traveler type who rarely finds a place to hang her hat.

In reality, I strongly dislike sleeping anywhere but my own bed and going a night without a toothbrush could put me in a psych ward. There is just way too much plaque up in there.

(It is possible that I’ve developed OCD when it comes to brushing my teeth. In 3rd grade at an oral hygiene assembly, the guest speaker told us that plaque was the equivalent to little gremlins peeing in our mouths. I’ve never felt right since.)

Regardless, I tend to be borderline neurotic when I’m out of my element for too long. Rather than pushing past these boundaries I’ve created, I instead tailor social media to make me look way cooler than I actually am.

Stop rolling your eyes. We all do it. Do you really think the health nut on your instagram feed, doesn’t indulge in a weekly crunch wrap supreme? Be honest with yourself.


There is an article that has been circulating my Facebook feed, that lists the 13 best views in Pennsylvania. Hello, I live in Pennsy!

So I decided that if I visit these destinations I will enrich my Instagram quest to make the world think I am the modern day nomad. Boo Ya!

It has since become my personal mission to travel to every spot listed before I graduate next spring. So by that point I will not only be able to say, I am a college graduate but also that I have seen 13 of the best views in PA—before the age of 22. Impressive eh!

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 7.50.40 PM
This picture explains so much. That’s me circa 1996 in the protective goggles and swimmies. My upbringing may have influenced my struggle to be free-spirited.

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