All about Overalls

Overalls are so in this summer season and I have to say, I am loving it. I have been waiting for this moment since 1995. Back in my heyday, I wore overalls for literally every occasion.

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The exciting part is, overalls aren’t just acceptable for kids anymore. Click here— to see how to style them.  My advice for you–if you are interested in the trend, is to be careful choosing your overalls. Don’t be afraid to play around with the look. I bought a pair last year of the typical jean style and they were so not flattering. So this summer I went for short overalls and I like the fit much more on me.

If you are looking for some guidance, I’ve listed 5 of my favorite picks of some nonconventional overalls. (click the links!)

1. Fitted with polka dot– Forever21

2. Skirt overalls– ASOS

3. White overalls – Love Culture

4. Crop top overalls– Nasty Gal

5.  Baggy flower print– Brandy Melville

Let me know what you think! Happy Shopping!


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