Philadelphia Love

Since traveling to Ireland this summer, my reaction to traveling anywhere is …


So when my friends asked me to go to Philly with them after driving 4 hours from Jersey the previous day, I said sure! I have been bugging them to go to Philly ever since I learned that neither of them have been– and they are both from PA. It’s just pathetic 😉

It was a very spontaneous trip that we all agreed should have been planned better. I have been to Philly several times but I can’t tell you how to get from point A to point B. I think they assumed I could. So our day was spent walking around aimlessly looking for south street primarily.

The one place we were able to find was Rittenhouse Square which I was happy about because I am always down for shopping. I also got to go into Free People which always gets me dreaming because I really hope to work for their blog one day. Fingers crossed!

Aside from the shopping our daytrip wasn’t anything noteworthy. Luckily we did get a few good pics. My advice– next time you say ‘why the hell not’ to going to Philly…make sure someone has a plan.








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