Chelsea, New York– Let me love you

If Chelsea, New York were a hot guy I’d never stop calling him.

I say this because my recent day trip to Chelsea felt like a date. A date where I fell super hard and was teased by the idea of taking things to the next level. You see, moving to Chelsea is just not in my budget right now. It’s complicated.

Last Thursday, my mom and I took the train to the city for Chelsea’s Art Walk. One of my mom’s photographs was being featured in a gallery. Go Mom!

Chelsea is an artsy and eclectic section of New York positioned right near the water. In true New York City fashion it was packed with action. The streets were a sea of yellow cabs to the point where seeing blacktop was a rarity.

What I found most interesting about this place however, was the people. They all seemed to have purpose– walking around with poise and total familiarity of the area.

I felt foreign as a tourist–like I had somehow slipped under the radar and wasn’t allowed to be there. Seeing a part of New York that wasn’t overtaken by visitors was odd to me.

Each person who passed by seemed to have a story written across their skin. I just wanted to sit back and figure them all out.

The constant flow of new faces is what entices me about cities. I like being alone but not feeling alone and that’s what got me hooked on Chelsea, New York.

So Chelsea, if you are reading this– we just had bad timing. We will rekindle when the time is right.














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