Let Me Take a Selfie

“So you agree? You think you’re pretty?” — this is what I think of every time, I see selfies, take selfies, think about selfies. Regina George, you win!

The following photos are selfies and I’m sorry if that makes them any less cool.

The truth of the matter is, If you don’t take your own pictures in todays world, who else will? Not your self-absorbed friend to the left, updating her Facebook status, while simultaneously checking into Foursquare.

Yes, when I see a good selfie opportunity I take it. No, I would never let the thought of a funeral selfie even enter my mind.

What opportunity presented itself in the photos below? Thanks for asking.

Actually, it was the fact that my bun doubled as a comfy pillow. So I seized the moment. You know, carpe the heck out of that diem (I saw this printed on a gift bag at Walmart once and decided to run with it).

To me selfies are a challenge, a challenge to make the selfie not look like an obvious selfie.

Would you know these photos were selfies unless I told you?

I like to use the critical thinking skills I pay loads of tuition to earn to configure selfies that look edgy compared to the average mirror pic.

I’m only human– living in a selfie world.






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