We Can’t Chase Forever

Twilight falls upon the few beach dwellers that still remain, myself included. We all share one thing in common, the secret that the beach gets better once the crowd leaves.

Tonight the sky is swirled with the hues of sunset and the blues of nightfall. It casts the most infectious purple that plays off the navy iridescence of the ocean.

The water’s color is dark this evening and so are its waves. I stand only up to my knees, out of fear of being swept away.

I start a friendly competition between myself and this beautiful ferocious beast. I stand head-on as the waves barrel through me and I try to see how long it will take before I lose my balance.

As the waves draw back, the ocean floor wraps around the back of my heels like a ballet flat and for a moment I feel like I am rooted into the earth.

The days I have left on this island are dwindling and each night I try unsuccessfully to stall time. Those left on the beach are getting fewer and fewer, but every time I start my trek home I stop myself and go back for more. I know deep down how hard it will be to recreate this moment.

So I let my heart rule my body and stay for just a few more minutes. I recline into the hard sand and wait as the shoreline races up to me. My hair cascades around my head and the waves sail over me, which make the sand stick into my thick tresses like glitter.

As the waves exit into the night sky I tread lightly and let the ocean carry me to the left with the current.

I can’t stay here forever but sometimes forever is just one second.


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