Romeo, Romeo

This one goes out to all the Juliets’/Juliettes’–

If you are single, and reading this you most likely understand the struggle of being a ‘party of one’ in a society that favors couples. However, you will never fully understand the pressure a girl has to be in a relationship when her name is Juliette, unless you share the name.

A Juliette’s singlehood is mocked more than the average bear, or Ashley, Amanda, and Susan in this case.

Tonight, I was asked by a coworker for the ubtenth time, “Have you found your Romeo?” to which I responded again with, “Nope. Still looking for him.”

I get the joke, I do. It is just so over done. At this point, I’d like to pull out a tape recorder and just play my response.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my name is hindering my relationship status. Maybe the name has to do with me being perpetually single. Thanks Mom. Think about it– I can’t get an average boyfriend, he has to be my Romeo. Let me check Tinder real quick to see if he’s nearby, reciting sweet nothings in his bio.

The pressure a guy has to date me is monumental compared to every Amber, Riley, and Barbara to grace this planet.

So for that, to all the Juliets’/ Juliettes’, I get it.

As for any future Romeo’s, man up.

You don’t actually have to die for my love.


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