Oh, 2015 I’m Ready Now.

Happy Happy to you Dolls!

I danced my way into the New Year last night, and quite frankly, I wouldn’t have wanted to start the year any other way.

I have such a good feeling about 2015, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

There is a lot of uncertainty in my future. I will be graduating in a few short months, and I don’t know what is next for me. Instead of worrying I’ve made a conscious effort to enjoy the ride, and approach the unexpected with excitement.

With that being said, I’m putting a lot of faith into 2015. So, I figured I would try and manifest some things I would like to uncover throughout the next year.

I find resolutions to be too much pressure. So I deal with change a little differently. When manifesting change, I make two list’s. On one list, I write a series of intentions to send off into the Universe. The other list, is for reflection. In this particular case, I will be reflecting on the previous year, and its happy memories, and how much its taught me.

Let’s get started!

2015 Intentions:

1. In 2015 I will willingly accept all opportunities to leave my comfort zone.

2. In 2015 I will give nothing but good energy to the world.

3. In 2015 I will make steps towards releasing my constant desire to control situations.

4. In 2015 I will  walk into the next chapter of my life, holding firmly my confidence, and my belief in who I am.

5.  In 2015 I will mediate… or learn how to.

6. In 2015 I will move someplace new.

7. In 2015 I will talk to strangers (not creepy strangers), to form new connections.

8. In 2015 I will love who I am, to attract love from others.

2014 Reflections:

1. In 2014 I firmly planted myself in who I am, and what I want to bring to the world.

2. In 2014 I stopped fear from ruling my life, and gained the best experience by studying abroad in Ireland.

3. In 2014 I reconnected with old friends, and I am so glad I did.

4. In 2014 I found that happiness has nothing to do with success. Happiness lies in how much we value ourselves.

5. In 2014 I made it my mission to live authentically, and show more people who I really am.

6. In 2014 I adopted a more positive attitude.

7. In 2014 I stopped running from consistency, and formed new friendships by doing so.

8. In 2014 I became more willing to say ‘yes.’

I will leave both my list of intentions, and reflections here. No longer in my mind to nag me. Just a safe place to remind me of how far i’ve come, and how far I have yet to go.

Your mind is a powerful place my friends, learn how to guide it for peace and goodness.

Happy New Year!



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