A Dreamer’s Dream

Each night I rest my head on my pillow, and gently close my eyes. My thoughts swirl through my mind like the revolving racks of clothing at the dry cleaners. My eyes flutter anxiously until one passes that I feel content with, and I grab hold—sailing off into the night sky.

I dream a lot. So often, that sometimes I confuse reality with dreams, and occasionally have to pinch myself as a reminder of the present. I think dreaming is healthy because at times dreaming of a better tomorrow is the only thing to soothe an ailing soul.

To me, dreams are the starting point to goals. A dream ignites something in us to subconsciously prioritize aspects of our lives to make a dream more attainable.

As I get older, I am learning that not everyone believes in dreams. and that’s ok. The world needs the realists to lasso the dreamers down from the clouds. They are the responsible ones who don’t allow a dreamer’s ambitions to consume them.

I just want the realists to know, that dreaming takes courage–the courage to believe in the mark we’d like to leave on this earth, no matter how odd we may look while creating it.

When a realist comes along, and wishes me luck in following my goals, I don’t want their luck. I already know that it is going to take much more than luck to get me where I want to be.

So to all the realists–take back your luck, and I wish for you to use it towards finding the courage to no longer suppress your dreams. At the end of the day, we are all yearning to leave some sort of legacy behind with us, and I hope you realize that before it’s too late.


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