Don’t be afraid to fall

I worry that life is like a patch of quicksand. The moment we choose a path in life, we’re trapped—the more we try and fight it, the deeper we sink.

I’ve spent most of my life walking gingerly in hopes to avoid any sort of trap I do not willingly want to walk into.

My concern is that as I mature it seems as though, every patch of quicksand gets more and more difficult to pass. As if, each puddle of quicksand along our individual journey expands as we walk. In which case, one particular patch of quicksand will become too large to leap, even for the tallest of sorts.

If there is any truth in my theory of quicksand, I’d like to know if there is a chance of turning around before taking the final plunge? Any possibility of choosing a previous patch of quicksand—one you didn’t realize was far better than the inevitable that lies ahead?

But… what if the problem isn’t the final patch of quicksand, maybe it’s the smaller patches throughout our journey.

Maybe the answer isn’t to avoid all quicksand. Maybe the answer is to dip a toe in, and see how it feels.

Maybe the answer isn’t as simple as just dipping a toe, but rather letting one’s self be submerged in each trap.

Maybe we are all too concerned with controlling the ‘right’ steps along our journey, that we rarely get a glimpse of what it’s like below the surface of the quicksand.

Maybe that’s where all the magic is at.

Perhaps the trick is to walk into each trap without a fight… and just the hope that life gets more meaningful when we stop planning out our every more.


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