Manifesting Positivity

I have been told that I am beautiful, smart, and funny. I’ve been told that I have nice hair, and eyes like a Disney Princess.

And even after all these kind words, I like being told that I am positive the most.

I guess because, to me positivity is something that is earned. After so many hits of negativity throughout our lives, it’s easiest to become cynical. The challenge is training ourselves to remain as the sunlight in our cloudy minds.

When I hear that I am positive, it means so much to me. It means that in a world that can easily feed us negativity for breakfast, lunch, and dinner– I have enough say in my thoughts to chose the opposite route.

Maybe I appreciate this complement all the more, because I wasn’t always the most positive person.

It wasn’t until I realized that I held the power to change not only myself, but my life in the palm of my hands. At that point, I understood that I control my own happiness. The world, my surroundings, and my fortune– have nothing to do with it.

So I changed my perspective.

  • I started saying ‘yes’ instead of  ‘no’
  • I stopped doing things that didn’t complement my spirit
  • I worried less
  • I wrote down my feelings more
  • I trusted my life’s journey
  • I accepted the bad for what it is, and looked for the lesson in it
  • I made a conscious effort never to hold back a smile ever again

Sometimes life is tough, and we have to do things we don’t want to do. In these cases, changing our perspective to a positive one is difficult. I am still learning. But when I encounter a person with a negative point of view I am reminded of how far away I’d like to stay from any negative thoughts.

And to those trapped in the negative section of their minds, sometimes all it takes is a little positivity to yank you out. Having an open-mind is key!

Some of you might see my views as “hippie-dippie” and a little far out.

But I don’t care if you don’t like me. I love me.


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