A Trip to Paris

It’s so easy for us to become comfortable. Settling is so much easier than chasing; chasing a job, a location, a lover.

I am afraid of becoming comfortable. I keep my distant from commitment, because it helps me feel like I am in control.

Sometimes it takes a leap out of our comfort zone to remind us how good it feels to get out once in a while. As scary as it is to fly from the nest, it’s exciting to know that you will never return as the same bird again.

I felt stressed before a recent trip to Paris. I thought prior to the trip that it would be so much easier to just stay home and relax for a week. I didn’t feel like packing, or going to the airport.

Oddly enough, after all the hassle I didn’t want to come home. It was if I had deprived myself of adventure and suddenly I had this taste for it again, and I never wanted it to end.

And as soon as I returned home, I went on a rampage of detoxing my life of anything that didn’t fulfill me anymore. This world is much too precious to spend another day doing something that doesn’t awaken my soul from the nagging comfortability of every day.













For more on my trip: http://www.thewoodword.org/entertainment/2015/03/22/a-flight-worth-taking/


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