Love Prayer

Last night I prayed for a love so true nothing could break it– in an attempt to hush my nagging mind. As I get older and more understanding of the relationships around me, I find it hard to differentiate between those in love, and those who stay together only to avoid being alone.

In which case, I fear a future not of loneliness, but rather of heartbreak. So I tend to isolate myself from most of the love that comes my way, unless it is what I consider ideal.

The only problem is, I have no idea what real love is—so how I rationalize the type of love I want for myself is through the notion of a soulmate.

I was the girl in grade school who never wanted to get married. I knew then, what I know now—that love doesn’t last. The only difference is, now I’ve encountered a few people throughout my journey whose spirits so effortlessly meshed with mine. The type of people who invite your trust and banish every guard you ever put up.

This kind is rare, and there is nothing more exciting then when you come across one. I could only wish to have a similar effect on others, as these select few had on me. There are only a handful I can count throughout my years on this earth, and that is not to say they are all the ones I should love, but they all come as a nice reminder that perhaps magic does exist.


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