Hey Ya’ll! Sorry I haven’t been updating as much as I would have liked to be. While I was gone, I graduated college. Nbd. I graduated three weeks ago and referring to myself as a “college graduate” is going to take some getting used to. It’s similar to messing up your age a few days […]

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Love Prayer

Last night I prayed for a love so true nothing could break it– in an attempt to hush my nagging mind. As I get older and more understanding of the relationships around me, I find it hard to differentiate between those in love, and those who stay together only to avoid being alone. In which […]

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A Trip to Paris

It’s so easy for us to become comfortable. Settling is so much easier than chasing; chasing a job, a location, a lover. I am afraid of becoming comfortable. I keep my distant from commitment, because it helps me feel like I am in control. Sometimes it takes a leap out of our comfort zone to […]

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Manifesting Positivity

I have been told that I am beautiful, smart, and funny. I’ve been told that I have nice hair, and eyes like a Disney Princess. And even after all these kind words, I like being told that I am positive the most. I guess because, to me positivity is something that is earned. After so […]

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I hate the following expression but if I were to be use it about anyone, it’s her– this girl is full of piss and vinegar. I think that is why she photographs so well. Ever since she was little, I’d tell her that some people take time to figure out who they are, but for […]

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The power of a hug

A hug was the last thing my dad wanted from his dad before he passed away, and the only thing I wanted from my dad to ease the thought of my grandfather no longer being around. I told myself some time ago that in order to be a strong woman in today’s world, I wouldn’t […]

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