A Trip to Paris

It’s so easy for us to become comfortable. Settling is so much easier than chasing; chasing a job, a location, a lover. I am afraid of becoming comfortable. I keep my distant from commitment, because it helps me feel like I am in control. Sometimes it takes a leap out of our comfort zone to […]

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Heading to the Shore

I’m headed to the shore for the holiday, and I could not be more excited. This morning felt like Christmas morning, because I knew that in a few short hours I’d be in close proximity to the ocean. It will be cold, and like a ghost town this time of year, but being able to […]

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Snowy Adventures

When I was 7 years old, and fairly new to big snowstorms, my parents decided to be spontaneous, and take my brother and I sledding. I was hesitant to go having just been sick, but I couldn’t stay home alone. 30 minutes and 10 layers later, I was on top of a hill that my […]

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Philadelphia Love

Since traveling to Ireland this summer, my reaction to traveling anywhere is … So when my friends asked me to go to Philly with them after driving 4 hours from Jersey the previous day, I said sure! I have been bugging them to go to Philly ever since I learned that neither of them have […]

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A Personal Mission

I purposefully arrange my Instagram account to make it appear as though I am a total free-spirit. The frequent traveler type who rarely finds a place to hang her hat. In reality, I strongly dislike sleeping anywhere but my own bed and going a night without a toothbrush could put me in a psych ward. […]

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Sun down at the Carnival

A tiny carnival popped up from what seemed like thin air in the parking lot at the local mall. I stopped by this evening to check out the haps. It would be considered a snoozefest to ride-lovers but to an instagrammer it was an absolute dream. I mean bold colors, flashing lights, and a beautiful […]

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