Throwback Thursday

I took these photographs when I used to babysit this little peanut almost 3 years ago. Today, she is much taller and she talks a lot more, but her sass has remained the same. I love baby pictures because I think they tell so much about a person. Underneath all the walls we’ve put up […]

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Don’t be afraid to fall

I worry that life is like a patch of quicksand. The moment we choose a path in life, we’re trapped—the more we try and fight it, the deeper we sink. I’ve spent most of my life walking gingerly in hopes to avoid any sort of trap I do not willingly want to walk into. My […]

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A Dreamer’s Dream

Each night I rest my head on my pillow, and gently close my eyes. My thoughts swirl through my mind like the revolving racks of clothing at the dry cleaners. My eyes flutter anxiously until one passes that I feel content with, and I grab hold—sailing off into the night sky. I dream a lot. […]

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Mark your name on the world

This kid cracks me up. As he gets older he is much more reluctant to go on adventures with me. He’d rather be home playing video games, or watching football but once we get somewhere woodsy, he can’t deny the explorer in his blood. Like magic, he stops complaining and morphs into Max from Where […]

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Christmas 2014

 Ah, Christmas! The most wonderful time of the year. This year my family, and I secluded ourselves from the world for a few short days at the shore. It was glorious. -Breakfast at Ready’s, our favorite spot!-  -Right as I started falling down the incline- -I love this stone cold pack of weirdos- -Christmas morning […]

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